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Loyal for Life

Loyal for Life

The Human Resources Division in any organisation should remain committed to providing leadership and high quality service company's staff by assessing their needs and proactively addressing those needs through developing, delivering, and continuously improving human resources programs that promote and support the Company's vision. The efficiency of any organization rely primarily on the efficiency of the human resource and the success of the organization depends on finding the best elements of human capital. An "organisational restructuring" is a significant intervention in organisational life. As such, it affects and is affected by many variables including the organisation's culture, decision-making strategies, risk taking orientation, leadership strategies and perceptions of the value of Human Resources. For your Organisation to achieve business benefit in their HR reorganisation, the consultancy and implementation must be short, raise appropriate issues for business to make decisions on, and effectively implement those decisions. In this proposal, we present a compelling scenario that significantly enhances our ability to take up this Project and effectively deliver stated objectives and real business benefits. Such implementations are fundamentally agents for organisational change, and such change requires effective leadership practices, beyond the focus of personal qualities and professional skills. Benefits from HR modelling lies in achieving business performance improvement, employee motivation over time and this requires effort for process redesign and some tough decisions. Any such change involves risk and your organisation's orientation to risk in terms of adoption or failure avoidance may be a critical variable in our implementation. In addition, the adoption of a more nimble and universal system replacing existing legacy practices is a significant change to the enshrined organisational practices and sense of ownership. Roshcomm understands these key factors that lead to success in any HR Project. Our Project Manager's job would be to focus on delivering the project on time and within budget. This way we assure the client that the project is not stretched, pulled or manipulated to suit the vendor's convenience. The Project approach will be based on shared-values: " Value to your Organisation - a successfully implemented HR organisation at a low cost with support assurance " Value to Roshcomm - Another satisfied client who would be willing to provide good reference, due to our commitment and sincerity This document provides a broad understanding of the various components of Human Capital Management, the values to be delivered to your Organisation, implementation approach and the key differentiators that sets us apart from many others.

Roshcomm's HR Offerings

Tailored to address individual client needs and unique sector priorities, Human Capital market offerings are developed by drawing upon our broad portfolio of core Talent and HR capabilities. Combining experience, deep functional and sector knowledge, quality processes and the ability to deliver globally, we offer proven solutions and frameworks to address our clients' most important asset - people. Contact us Now

HR Services List

Strategies for making your Customers, Employees and other stake-holders stick with you

HR Strategic Services

  • Performance Management - increases productivity by aligning employee and organisation goals.
  • Leadership Training - trains and develops your managers.
  • Talent Acquisition - helps you recruit the best talent to your company.
  • Career Transitions - supports employees as they move on in their careers.
  • Team Accelerator - develops strong teams by assessing individual talents and strengths.
  • Compensation Consulting - helps define compensation strategy.
  • Time and Attendance - provides a comprehensive management solution for all employees.
  • Occupational health services - Working with you to maintain a healthy workforce, we provide a range of occupational health, wellbeing reporting services

    HR Transformation Services

  • HR Transformation Strategy and Planning
  • HR Operating Model and Function Design
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Project-based interventions that develop and leverage your talent pool.
  • Benefits Administration and Operations
  • HR Shared Services

    HR Technology and Solutions

  • HRMS
  • Oracle, Microsoft, Success Factors
  • Time and Attendance
  • KPI System

    Resourcing and recruitment services:

  • Tailored recruitment services
  • Executive recruitment
  • Managed Recruitment services

    Talent, Performance and Rewards

  • Retirement and Risk Solutions
  • Compensation Strategies
  • Leadership development
  • Teambuilding strategies
  • Quality improvement in performance through people
  • Talent Strategies
  • Learning and Development Services
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Workforce Analytics

    Organization Transformation

  • Organization Strategy and Design
  • Technology Adoption
  • Strategic Change
  • Restructuring and Organization Design
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