BrightGRC helps Companies identify, monitor, mitigate and manage Enterprise Risks.

BrightGRC Risk Management Solution

BrightGRC brings a transformational change in retail. Risk Management Technology and Systems can be very complex, especially in large organisations, with multiple layers of decision-making and multiple touch-points for data collection. Roshcomm's risk management software is not complex and through its configurability aligns itself perfectly to the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework that may be already in place. If an ERM framework does not exist, our system is a very good place to start. Roshcomm's Risk Management System is an intuitive and flexible risk management software that allows an organization to link risks to strategy, reporting structure, departments, divisions, employees and to other records such as projects, functions, location thus providing an enterprise-wide Risk management platform.

  • The system structures risk profiles via a traffic light, and heat map methodologies allowing risks to be assessed at start, current and target stages.
  • Control measures are used to mitigate the risk and draw up action plans for the risk review processes whilst a comprehensive audit trail is maintained.
  • Extensive workflow capabilities permit risk reviews to be automatically generated and audited as well as being able to store all documents and scanned images online.
  • The flexible system design can accommodate any size or colour matrix for the profitability impact grid to enable you to present your risk profile according to your organisations preferences.
  • The system is entirely web-based and is an independent solution. It can also be also bolted onto an existing Microsoft SharePoint Portal. Ask for more information and you'll see firsthand how the BrightPOS suite of Systems can enable omni-channel retailing scenarios, empower corporate decision-making, dramatically increase employee productivity and help drive a more compelling and personally relevant shopping experience for today's increasingly empowered consumer
  • BrightGRC - Key Features

  • Dynamic Web user interface
  • Quick start configuration wizard
  • Comprehensive Risk Register
  • Risk Control Measures
  • Distributed Risk data capture
  • Assigned Risk Ownership
  • Corporate Plan linkage to Strategy
  • Programs, Projects, Departments, Divisions
  • Colour Coded Risk Categories
  • Risk Register
  • Control Measures
  • Action Plan
  • Risk Review
  • Risk Audit
  • Risk Tracking at inherent, Current and Target stages
  • Key Risk Indicators
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
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