BrightPOS helps retailers engage customers to build relationships and loyalty.

BrightPOS brings a transformational change in retail. Fueled by empowered consumers, BrightPOS enables your retail organisation as a place where retailers engage customers to build relationships and loyalty. With BrightPOS, it is no longer a Point of Sale; it is now driving the "point of service" by engaging with the customer to build brand loyalty and lasting relationship. With a powerful Customer Loyalty module, your customer engagements are no longer merely transactional. The BrightPOS System is a versatile POS that handles all necessary point of sale operations in today's retail environment. It has an easy to use, graphical user interface that can be localized and customized with the touch of a button. The system can easily be extended, and default workflows altered to meet your demanding needs

As the foundation on which retailers enable their business, technology becomes more critical than ever, expanding or limiting the ability to seize new opportunities and deliver the type of shopping experiences consumers now expect. Every aspect of a retailer's IT infrastructure - especially POS - needs to drive a shopping "experience" - one that allows retailers to deliver on their brand promise and build lasting loyalty. So how does BrightPOS stands tall in adding value in today's retail, you may ask. Ask for more information and you'll see firsthand how the BrightPOS suite of Systems can enable omni-channel retailing scenarios, empower corporate decision-making, dramatically increase employee productivity and help drive a more compelling and personally relevant shopping experience for today's increasingly empowered consumer

BrightPOS - Key Features

  • Dynamic user interface
  • Quick start configuration wizard
  • Colour Coded Product Catalog
  • Multiple tender transaction types
  • Promotions & multiple discount options
  • Customer-specific prices & discounts
  • Exchanges, refunds & voids
  • Suspend/resume transaction with additional information
  • Gift cards
  • Credit vouchers
  • Loyalty Card Module
  • Redemption Module
  • Category/Sub-Category Product Classification
  • Group/Sub-Group Product Classification
  • Automated ERP Integration
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Advanced Reservation System
  • Discounts: In-line and Invoice Level
  • Store-wise, Salesman-wise target tracking
  • Authorised Security Matrix & Access Control
  • Centralised Price Control
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
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