Roshcomm Energy Engineering

Solutions that WILL reduce your Energy Bills!

Roshcomm’s Energy Engineering Solutions is the result of an innovative and unique technology that combines the goodness of nature with the precision of science for your living and working enviroment to significantly reduce heat, thereby reducing Energy consumption.

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Roshcomm delivers a comprehensive environmental engineering solutions that combines these 2 products:

Roshcomm’s Cooling Roof Tiles

Low-cost Solution for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Enviroments

Roshcomm’s Cooling Roof Tile is a result of an innovative and unique technology that combines the goodness of nature with the precision of science in cooling tiles manufacturing to keep your premises super cool and supremely comfortable. Our tiles use 13 natural cooling minerals and deploys cutting-edge technology to manufacture white cooling tiles at a very low-cost. Heat islands are city areas where the temperature is several degrees higher. As a result of heat island effect, significant heat absorption takes place during the day and very little cooling occurs during the night. A reduction of this heating effect will inevitably result in the reduction of inside temperature by upto 12 degrees Centigrade. THEREBY REDUCING YOUR ELECTRICITY BILLS SIGNIFICANTLY, AT A FRACTION OF THE COST!

Roshcomm’s Radiant Cooling

For Commercial and Industrial Enviroments

Roshcomm Radiant Colling is a Cleantech Heating & Cooling Solution focused on providing sustainable solutions for industrial and commercial heating & cooling. We provide solutions based on Solar and Energy Efficiency that are economically viable for our customers. Our solutions are not just built around the energy issues being faced by industrial and commercial establishments, but also the environmental problems faced by us due to continuous burning of fossil fuels for our energy needs. Heating & Cooling are very energy-intensive processes and our products either eliminate or greatly reduce the need for expensive energy consumption for these processes in industries and commercial establishments. We believe that it is inevitable that businesses need to adopt sustainable energy sources, and our solutions can help you in this adoption.


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